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Hi I’m Charlie Aspden, known in the club as Uvwe. I will be captain of the 3s XI for the forthcoming 2021/22 season. 


After wins against the likes of Hallam and Leeds last year, this season we hope to improve on our success and push for promotion as well as bring a cup win, or two, back to Sheffield. In addition to this, we are one of the teams lucky enough to compete in varsity. Last year it was sadly cancelled, so we hope to come back stronger than ever for it this time. 


Being the middle team in the club, we have good relations with the teams above and below, resulting in a strong social presence. 


I’m looking forward to meeting our freshers and integrating them into both sides of hockey life and can’t wait to lead us into the coming season. 

Hi, I’m Becca Jones, but also known as El Cinco (or Cinco, cincs, stinky, stinky- whatever you like really) and I’m the SUWHC 3s captain for the 2021/22 season.  


I’m very competitive with hockey but also like to keep the social side very much alive. This is perfect with the 3s as being in the middle of the club we are able to find the perfect balance of a really good standard of competitive hockey whilst also keeping it really fun and lighthearted.


Commitment is a big part of the team as it ensures the best results which at the end of the day is what we want, and with last season not really talking place I’m even more determined to make the next the best we’ve ever had!


I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the new members within the club and making everyone feel as welcome as possible. If you have any questions about hockey at Sheffield or preseason please don’t hesitate to email me- rejjones1@sheffield.ac.uk

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