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Hi everyone, I'm Constitutional Peasant, the Captain of the mens 4s for this season.


My role for the club will be to lead and manage the 4s for the year. I will strive to be a role model for members within the team and be a confident leader on and off the pitch. 

My main aims for the 4s is to get the team league promotion, have a large positive turn out for socials within the hockey club especially roar and revolution bar, but also to create a very inclusive and fun atmosphere within the team to enable every member to get as much out of the Sheffield hockey club as possible. I can't wait for this season of hockey!

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Hi, I’m Daisy Newton also known as Glory (aka Glozza) and I’m your 4s captain for the upcoming 2020+1/22 season! This is my 3rd year in the club as well as my final year as a Biology undergraduate. 

Whilst this year hasn’t been the season we were expecting, team morale is still just as high going into the coming season. After a strong 2019/20 season, the women’s 4’s are going into the next season in a good position of the South and East Yorkshire Tier 5 league. We will be pushing for a promotion into the Northern 4b league this year coming! We will also be aiming for another win against H*llam following our 3-0 win at varsity 2019. 

With Boris not making socials the easiest to plan this year, I want to take advantage of the COVID free year we have coming and ensure everyone has as much fun as possible! I’ll be organising lots of mixed socials with teams throughout the club as well as having many sober socials throughout the week!

I can’t wait to lead the 4’s next year as well as welcome many new faces into our club! See you all in hockey corner in ROAR very soon! If you want to get in contact, please don't hesitate to email me:  dpnewton1@sheffield.ac.uk