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Hi I’m Ben/Digby and I’ll be captaining the 5’s for the 2020/20+1 season. This is going to be my final year with the club as I enter my 4th year. My job as captain is to work with the fixtures sec to try and find us friendlies throughout the year, organising the weekly training sessions and then the more day to day running of the team.

Last season we had strong performances in our friendlies, winning games early on. We want to build on this for the upcoming season through using our Sunday training sessions to continue to develop and improve as players. If you haven't played much hockey before, don't be put off as many of us hadn’t played much prior to uni, if at all, including myself.


Other big aspects of the 5’s include heading down to Norton on a Wednesday to support the rest of the club and being a big presence on the Wednesday socials. A day at Norton and then attending socials is also a great way to get to know more members of the club.


I look forward to the season ahead and can’t wait to welcome the new faces into the SUMHC.

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Hey, my name is Abi Ramsden (aka Meringue) and I’m this years 5s captain!


My role in a nutshell involves ensuring my team is happy and succeeds, as well as making sure we have coaches and maintain our dedication to Roar. I can’t wait to be captain next year, it’s going to be the best year yet!

As we are in the same BUCS league as the Women’s 4s, our main aim for the season is to keep hot on their heels again and finish in the top of half the league. We are a team built on unity and not a group of individuals which is one of the main reasons I am proud of being part of this team.


If you have any questions about being captain or joining hockey please drop me an email: