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The Teenage Cancer Trust works in the UK to provide life-changing care and support to young people who are battling cancer. The money we raise goes to the Sheffield Care Unit, which, following recent refurbishment, provides a safe environment for patients between the ages of 17-24. Money raised also funds specialist staff, ensuring that these young people get the best care possible. We believe that this is an amazing and worthwhile cause and are very happy to be supporting the Trust once again this year.

Neurocare is a ground-breaking charity local to Sheffield, which raises money for the Neurosciences Departments of Sheffield Hospitals.  This research improves the lives of patients with debilitating neurological conditions. This charity is new to the SUHC this year, and we are very proud to be supporting such an important cause. Neurocare are currently funding projects for: a surgical robot to increase safety in neurological procedures, a set of devices to monitor children with narcolepsy and a research grant to study Multiple Sclerosis, among other things.