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University of Sheffield Hockey Club

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Executive Committee

Hi, I'm Paul/ Cheddy, and I am the 2019/20 Club Captain for SUMHC. My role is to basically oversee the running of the club, chair the committee meetings and, along with the Club Sec, ensure that the jobs that need doing are delegated to the correct people.

This will be my 3rd year with SUMHC and am looking forward to help lead the club and help anyone who has any questions or concerns.

Hi I’m James/ Will Grigg, and I’m the club secretary. I oversee a lot of the club admin and play a key role in the overall running of the club. Examples of my role include organising match teas and umpires. I also form 1/3 of the clubs exec committee, where I work with the club captain and treasurer on larger club issues both now and in the future. I’m now in my fourth year at uni and really looking forward to this coming season- feel free to approach me for any general club enquiries and I can either assist you personally or point you in the right direction! 

Hi I’m Matthew/ Empties and I’m the club treasurer, completing the exec committee. My main role is to balance finances over the course of the season, ensuring teams remain supported, by working with committee members and Sport Sheffield. I also work with the Club Captain, Paul, and Secretary, James, on present and upcoming club issues. My hockey journey began at University where I joined the 5th team who provided coaching, pitch time and a great social environment. I’m now going into my final year at Sheffield and looking forward to an exciting season ahead. I’m passionate about the Hockey club remaining accessible and can help with any participation grant applications along with Sam, our inclusions officer. Feel free to reach out to me with any queries or issues and I’ll make sure you’re put in contact with the right person!


Hi, I am James, but most people know me as Yaya Touré. My role within SUMHC is fixtures secretary, and my job is basically making sure fixtures are happening and get played.


The Job includes organising preseason fixtures for the men’s side of the club with other unis, re-arranging BUCS fixtures if there is a clash, booking the pitch for training and matches, and most importantly making sure there is transport to Norton and away games and that it arrives on time. Exciting stuff, I know.

Hello friends, I'm Sam or B.Surprise and I am Comms Sec for both the men and women's club. My role is running all of the club's social media's, running the website and help increase our fresher intake year on year. If you have any q's about joining the club in the coming year, drop a message and we'll be happy to help. Oh and follow my insta: @sam_moorhouse

Hi I'm Nick/DQ and I am the Clubs Chair of Selection. It is my role to help the captains pick their teams each week and make sure ever player is playing at the appropriate level. We want every player to feel comfortable in their team but also to ensure that they are challenged so they can really develop their hockey. If any player have any issues regarding selection or want to know what they need to work on in order to be considered for higher teams, I am happy to help.

Hi, My name is Charlie or The Gypsy King and I am one of your social secs. I play for the 4s/5s depending on who you ask, so my job is much more off the pitch. Find me in Revs on a Wednesday selling ROAR tickets or on a Thursday demolishing a club sandwich. If you have any upcoming questions about socials or events ask me, not Ares. 

Hi I’m Dr. Steelhammer, the Sponsorship & Alumni secretary. I maintain the relationship with our sponsors, as well as making sure that past members remain connected with the club.

Hi I’m Louis mostly known as Jack McGhee, I am your kit sec and I’ll be delivering you your new sexy SUMHC stash. I’ll be the one with the Irish accent so I’ll be easy to point out. My aim for the season to make the transition from Playerlayer to Adidas as smooth as possible. McGhee x

Hey my name is Ethan, otherwise known as Reek and I’ll be one of your Tour Secretary's for this year. Tour is a great place to relax from uni stress, as well as getting the chance to meet new people from inside the hockey club. My role is to help organise the location and timing of our tour, getting people to sign up beforehand and to ensure everyone has a great time. With a fantastic tour last year I shall be encouraging all to not make the stupid mistake of missing out, as this will undoubtedly be the biggest regret of your life.

Hi, I’m Danger Locker and I’ll be your tour sec. My role is to organise the best week of the year - TOUR. Tour is a great break from work and a good chance to get to know more people within the club. Come find me in revs to find out more.

Hi, my name is Sam/Denise Craven and I am the Inclusivity Officer for the club. My role involves supporting club members throughout the year, helping make events and activities accessible to everyone, working to increase the diversity of the club and helping promote and maintain the club’s image and reputation. As a club we are committed to ensuring that any student who wishes to get involved can do so! If you have any questions or queries regarding the club or its members, feel free to contact me at and I would be happy to speak to you.