Executive Committee 21/22


Club Captain

Hi. My name is Matt (also known as Eric Cantona or Nuddsy) and I am the Club Captain for the coming season. My role is to oversee the running of the club, chair committee meetings and remain in contact with Sport Sheffield to ensure everything runs smoothly. This will be my 3rd year in the club and I look forward to meeting the any new members for next season. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, I will be more than happy to talk.


Club Secretary

Hello there, my name is Matt or The Underminer and I am your Club Secretary for the new season. As a member of executive committee I will be working to make the club a friendly and open place. But as Club Secretary I will be doing a lot of the admin work so that the club runs smoothly. This will be my 4th year in the club so if you have any questions I can probably answer them. If you want to ask me anything please contact me on mcfjones1@sheffield.ac.uk



Hi, my name’s Magikarp and I will be looking after The Club’s finances this year. I set out all the budgets and make sure we get adequate funding. I'm going into 4th year I am very excited for the forthcoming season. 

Inclusivity Officer

Hello to you all, my name is KD and I am the SUMHC Inclusivity Officer for the 2021/22 season. My role involves supporting every club member throughout the year and maintaining the zero tolerance for discrimination rule set by Sports Sheffield. I want to develop awareness regarding current pressing issues whilst continuing the clubs image of having a ‘family feel’ and being welcoming. 

COVID Officer

Hey I’m Jacob/Ares and I’m the COVID officer for SUWHC. It is my job to keep everyone up to date in the current England Hockey and Sport Sheffield guidance on coronavirus, as well as keeping the records for track and trace. 

Committee 21/22


Chair of Selection

Hi, I'm Milfy Sigurdsson / Tom and I am your Chair of Selection. I'll make sure everyone is in the right teams and that players can move up or down the club easily and fairly as well as ensuring trials run smoothly.

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Social Secretaries 

Hi, my name is Jacob or better known as SportsMadMike@hotmail.com (hotmail for short). I will be one of your social secs this season. I’ll be a friendly face for the new freshers and will be happy to answer any questions about socials. You can find me in revs every Wednesday selling ROAR tickets because… win or lose, WE’RE ON THE BOOZE.

Hi. My name is Hoisin Crispy Owl and I am one of your social secs and a proud member of the 5s. I will be in Revs on a Wednesday selling ROAR tickets to ensure you have a sick night. If you wish to know more about the upcoming socials or want to buy a ROAR ticket, please come find me in Revs x

Communications Secretary

Hi, I'm Peppers and I am the Men's Communications Secretary for the 2021/22 season. My job involves updating and maintaining this website as well producing content for the Men's Club's Instagram page. I will also be collaborating with the Women's Comms Sec to produce the weekly edition of the 'The Tuesday Times' for the Club's Facebook group. As well as this, I will be posting Club fixtures and results on our Twitter page. The links for all of our social media can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Tour Secretaries

Hi, I’m Goofy Goober and I am one of your TOUR secs. My job is to organise TOUR and to get people to sign up. TOUR will be one of the best weeks of the year and is great for getting to know people throughout the whole club aswell. It’s a really good way to round off the season with some fun, before the seriousness of exams kicks in. You really don’t want to be missing out on this, so get yourself signed up nice and early.

Hi, I’m Jeremy 'Swaz' Lynch, I am one of your two TOUR secs. Responsible for organising the most fun week of your life. TOUR is a great way of getting to know members of the club from other teams as well as getting to know some of the women’s club. It’s also a great way to blow off some steam before revision and exams. Make sure you sign up early, you don’t want to miss out!

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Kit Secretary

Hello, I’m Greta / Cian, I am your Kit Secretary. I am responsible for organising the clubs kit making sure everyone has kit ready for them to make sure they look fit on and off the pitch.

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Fixtures Secretary

Hi I'm Tom / Galahad Premium Lager, and i am the Fixtures Secretary for the 2021/2022 season. My job is make sure the mens hockey can be out on the pitch enjoying the game and able to play at the highest level they can throughout the year. I'll be booking pitches for matches and training sessions throughout the season, alongside sorting timings for the games at our home ground of Norton and the buses for away days. I am reaching out to other university sides to set up friendlies during preseason to get the teams warmed up for the BUCS season and of course securing more of these friendly games for the 5XI throughout the season to keep the team playing competitively despite not competing in BUCS. I'm looking forward to the coming season and fingers crossed a whole year of hockey.

Charities and Volunteering Secretary

Hey! I’m Nick/Aviici. I will be going into my 4th year this year playing for the men’s 5s and I’ll be your charities and volunteering sec! Fundraising is a huge part of the hockey club and we understand how important it is to give back to the community. My role is to organise the charity events for the club for some amazing charities such as Teenage Cancer Trust and MIND, alongside local charities such as the Cathedral Archer Project. Our charity events include pub quizzes, fun runs and team charity meals. 

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Sponsorship and Development Secretary

Hi, I’m Reuben/Haruto, and I’m your Sponsorship and Alumni Secretary for the upcoming year. The main part of my role is to make sure we maintain our strong relationships with our sponsors which help support the running of the club, as well as looking for any new opportunities. As alumni sec, I am also responsible for maintaining the link with those who have graduated by helping to keep them up to date with the club and organising their return for events throughout the year, such as Christmas meal.