Varsity 2019

The Sheffield Varsity between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University is by far the biggest event in the university calendar. It runs for a total of about 3 weeks while all sports societies go head to head in matches against our local rivals. The atmosphere at each event is what makes Varsity so exciting and likely to be the most memorable games of your university hockey career.

With 7 points up for grabs hockey have the most points to play for out of all the sports competing in Varsity: 4 for the women's teams (1XI-4XI) and 3 for the men's (1XI-3XI). The matches played by the 3XI and 4XI teams take place on our home pitch at Norton Sports Park and the second day of matches for the 1XI and 2XI teams are at Hallam's Abbeydale pitch.

In 2019's haul we managed to gain 4 out of the possible 7 points to give us the overall hockey win. This came from wins from the W1s, W3s and W4s, draws from the M2s and W2s and losses from the M1s and M3s. Both days are major highlights in the hockey calendar with as many people from the club as well as course mates, housemates and sometimes family coming along to support. 

Unfortunately, this year's varsity had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic but we can't wait to return to the pitch next season to start preparing to ensure we bring back another win for Uni of Sheffield. Here are a collection of photos below.

If you want to find out more about Varsity as a whole you can check out the Sheffield Varsity website here.