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University of Sheffield Hockey Club

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Executive Committee

Helloo, I am Annabel better known as Schmedic and I am the SUWHC Club Captain this year. I am very much looking forward to this season and can’t wait to meet our new influx of freshers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our wonderful committee. My email is Lots of hockey love xxx 

Hi all my name is Alicia, better known as Fiji, this years club secretary! My role is to organise the committee meetings and agendas, help out the club captain whenever needed and do the general admin for the club. I'm also in charge of organising and overseeing trials at our lovely new pitch! I'm going into my 4th year as part of the hockey club and have experienced pretty much everything; from being a fresher, old girl and team captain. After all this time I can definitely say I'm undeniably glad I chose to join the club and cannot wait to see what the next year has instore for SUWHC.

Hi hi, i’m Fru Wilson aka Fluffy. I’m the treasurer of the hockey club this year and am in charge of the clubs dollar $$$. This role involves making sure the club accounts are in check, making ppl pay on time for kit and making invoices for big club events such as Christmas and end of season meal. I’m third year psychology and this will be my last year in the club, cry cry. The hockey club has been the best part of uni!! Hockey love xxxx


Hi I'm Nat/ Eureka and I am fixtures sec this year. My job is to organise buses, matches and umpires on a Wednesday so match days run nice and smoothly; I also organise friendlies for our 6th team. I am going into my third year and am very excited to continue playing for this amazing club and get more involved by being on committee this year.

Hi, my name’s Georgia (Prince Albert) and I’m your kit sec for this year. I’m in charge of organising all your playing kit and personalised SUWHC stash as well as the all-important Varsity stash. Having plenty of SUWHC gear is the best way to let everyone around uni know that you’re part of a great club. This will be my third year playing for the hockey club and I look forward to the years to come!

Hey everyone, I’m Power Shower-pronounced Par Shar (I’m Irish) and I’m this year’s Chair of Selection. With such a thriving women’s club, with 6 teams in total and a significant fresher intake each year, it is my role to ensure that teams are picked as fairly as possible each week. To achieve this, I’ll be working closely with team captains and coaches, as well as watching team training sessions and matches on a regular basis. Without a doubt, I’ll have some difficult decisions to make throughout the year, but I am more than willing to step up to the challenge and I look forward to my second year with the club of all clubs, the SUWHC. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to send me an email on

Hi there, I'm Snowplough!  I'm your Social Sport Co-Ordinator this year. My job, basically, is to organise and run the Social Sport training sessions each week. If you want to learn a couple of new skills (drinking included) and have a fabby fab time at ROAR on Wednesday then this is the club for you! My job is to make hockey a fun and accessible game for all. Even if you're a complete beginner come down, the more the merrier! The social hockey team has been growing year upon year so there's every reason to come and see what we're all about! Look forward to seeing you all, especially you newbies, see you soon

Hello there pals, my name is Sheila’s Wheels and I am this years Charities and Volunteering Secretary. I’m in charge of making sure the club is successful in raising loads of dollar for really worthy charities such as Teenage Cancer Trust and Hockey for Heroes through fundraisers like pub quizzes, Movember, fun runs and much more. This year we are showing support for a charity local to Sheffield - The Cathedral Archer Project, which supports the homeless. As well as this, SUHC get involved with the local community through volunteering coaching hockey at local schools. This role is great for encouraging club members to meet new people and getting the whole club involved with the wider community. Any new ideas are welcomed and encouraged - get involved! Hockey love xx

Helloo all, I’m Chico time and one of your social secs this year!! My fellow social secs and I will be organising everyone’s favourite part of the hockey club, Wednesday NIGHTS!! From the team bonding in revs to our famous hockey corner in ROAR it is my job to introduce the freshlings to our weird and wonderful way of life here at Uni of Sheffield hockey club. I look forward to seeing you all in September. BE FUN. X

Hi i'm Ket. I live near Knutsford. I'm a social Sec. Have fun 

Hello Turnip here!

This year I’m one of your tour secs and after having so much fun on tour, I couldn’t resist the chance to go again. My role as tour sec is to organise the best trip of your lives, that being a lovely few days with your friends in the glorious sun of Porec. Unfortunately, you will get to know me as that annoying face on a Wednesday night that’s trying ever so hard to persuade you to come away with the club. I look forward to getting to know those of you who choose to come better when we depart for tour in the Easter break. #tourtourtourtour

Hi all, Tour Sec Spicy Sausage here and I’m here to organise the best week of your hockey lives, TOUR! Think love island with better banter, fitter friends and the funniest stories you’ll be laughing about for years.

Now to all you busy bees that spend all your time in the IC, I study Civil Engineering