Executive Committee 20/21

Club Captain

My name is Cara Clitheroe (better known as Robin Hood) and I am this year's club captain of the women's club. My job involves working alongside the whole of committee to oversee the successful running of our lovely club. I can't wait to see what the 2020/21 season has to offer us but I'm sure it'll be another successful year (hopefully we make it through till June this time thought).

If you have any questions or queries to do with anything SUHC you can catch me in Revs, at Norton or somewhere around uni for a chat. Alternatively, drop me an email at cclitheroe1@sheffield.ac.uk

Club Secretary

Hello everyone, my name is Chloe Stimpson, better known as Spider Pig and I am this year's club secretary! My role in the club is to organise committee meetings and general agendas for the women's club as well as organising fresher team trials before the start of term. I am going into my third year as part of SUWHC and can't imagine my uni experience without the club! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all - cstimpson1@sheffield.ac.uk


Hi all, I'm Lucy Roberts, better known as Bendy Wendy. I'm this year's treasurer and will be in charge of all the club's wongaaa. I'm a 3rd year Physics and Philosophy student that isn't ready for this to be her last year in the club :((  Any questions, money related or not, please don't hesitate to get in touch: lbroberts1@sheffield.ac.uk

Inclusivity Officer

Hiya I'm Phoebe Rhodes (AKA Vanilla). I'm the women's club Inclusivity Officer for 2020/21. I play for the W4s and am going into my third year studying BSc Geography. My role involves being a friendly face and making sure everyone who wishes to join feels equally integrated and welcomed into the club. Feel free to drop me an email or message if you have any questions about the club and how to join!

Email: prhodes1@sheffield.ac.uk

Committee 20/21

Chair of Selection

Hi guys, I'm Freya Tremble (aka Tinie Tempah), I'm going into my 4th year and I'm this year's Chair of Selection! My role involves working closely with captains and coaches from all teams to ensure selection of all players is as fair and as equal as possible. I will be attending as many training sessions and matches as I can to ensure this as well as holding weekly selection meetings with captains. Look forward to seeing you all at trials! If you have any queries about how selection works or anything else, feel free to send me an email - ftremble1@sheffield.ac.uk

Social Secretaries 

Hi guys, I'm Zoe Whitehead (Dr Pimple Popper) and I'm one of your Social secs!! I play for the women's 5s and will be sorting out our Wednesday night socials and most importantly ROAR tickets every week. Our socials are the best way to get to know everyone from SUWHC and SUMHC and you'll make some amazing memories and friends for life! If you've got any questions feel free to ask or email me on zawhitehead1@sheffield.ac.uk

Hi, I'm Rachel Brown (aka Polypoo), I'm going into my 2nd year and I'm one of your social secs! My role involves organising our socials on Wednesdays and selling ROAR tickets. Along with the other social secs we'll be in charge of choosing all the different themes you'll be dressing up as. Hope to see you all in Revs at 8 sharp every Wednesday night. If you have any questions feel free to ask: rmbrown2@sheffield.ac.uk

Charities & Volunteering Sec

Hey, I'm Athena Fernyhough (aka James Blunt), I'm going into my 4th year and I'm this year's Charities and Volunteering Secretary for the whole of SUHC woo! It's my job to organise fundraisers such as pub quizzes, charity hockey matches, and fun runs in order to raise lots of money for amazing charities like Teenage Cancer Trust and Hockey Futures. I also ensure that SUHC makes a positive impact in the local community by organising for members of the club to be volunteer hockey coaches at primary schools and collecting food-bank donations. I'm super excited for the year of fun-filled activities ahead!

If you have any ideas for anything related to charities and volunteering then I would love to hear them so please let me know in person or drop me an email at afernyhough1@sheffield.ac.uk

Communications Sec

Hi, I'm Rachel Stratton (better known as Flubber) and I'm going into my 4th year at Sheffield. This is a new position in the women's club this year - my job includes keeping this website updated with all the useful information you might need and running our social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that you can find on the links at the bottom of the page. I also collaborate on writing the weekly bulletin called 'The Tuesday Times' with the men's comms sec that gets posted into the Facebook hockey page each week for members to see the upcoming fixtures, news, funny stories and challenges. 

If you want to get in touch my email is rastratton1@sheffield.ac.uk

Tour Secretaries

Hey, I'm Daisy Newton, also known as Glory Hole, and I'm one of your TOUR secs for this year! The tragedy of this year's TOUR being cancelled has only made us ready for an even bigger and better week in Poreč next year. Me and Maccy B will be in charge of organising TOUR and we will be making sure everyone signs up so they don't miss out on one of the best weeks of their lives. So, dig out your funnels and sign on for TOUR 2021!

Hi, my name is Flo Leach (aka Macbeth or Maccy B) and I'm your TOUR sec for this year so get ready for a BIG week after this year's tour was unfortunately cancelled :( We're expecting lots of sign ups especially from all the new freshers and in return we plan to make it the best week of your life with fun in the sun on the sandy shores of Poreč.


Kit Secretary

Hi, I'm Chloe Reid or otherwise known as Beige and I'm your kit sec for this year. I'm in charge of sorting playing kit, SUWHC stash and of course our all important varsity stash hopefully making next year's winners looking snazzy! Stash is the best way to let everyone know you belong to such a great club as well as making us the best looking society around. If you have any questions please email on creid2@sheffield.ac.uk

Social Sport Co-ordinator

Hi, I'm Molly Jones (Granny). I'm your Social Sport Coordinator for this year. I'll be planning and running the Social Sport training sessions each week. Social Hockey is an opportunity to learn some new skills and have fun, whether that's just on a Thursday evening at training or also at ROAR on Wednesday nights.

The mixed men's and women's sessions are designed to get more people involved in hockey, whether you're a complete beginner or haven't picked up a stick in a while, we'd love to see you at Sheffield High School for Girls on a Thursday. Hope to see you soon!

Fixtures Secretary

Hello, I'm Megan Taljaard (David Attenborough) and I'm the fixtures sec for the 20/20+1 season! My job is to organise the matches, buses and umpires on Wednesdays so that your only stresses are winning the matches. I'm so excited to be part of committee this year and can't wait for an amazing season!

If you want to get in contact: mtaljaard1@sheffield.ac.uk

Rachel Stratton and Charlie Huggins

University of Sheffield Hockey Club

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