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Wednesday nights

Wednesday nights are by far our biggest weekly socials following a lovely afternoon of hockey games whether you're playing or watching. Post-games all teams reconvene back at their captains' houses to begin the night and then head down to Revolution Sheffield, just off West Street, for 8pm sharp where we have our private room upstairs which is a great space for whole club socialising. From there, most people head off onto to West Street but we'll all finish at the SU for the ROAR sports night out into the early hours. Often we have themes like dress as your name, Noah's Ark, through the decades, PRIDE and retro sports just to name a few, but if not we will be donning are Rev's Shirts (or sometimes Wednesday Best for the men) so everyone is easy to keep track of. Although Wednesday nights are big socials, our priority is ensuring everyone feels comfortable on a night out, therefore, no one is expected to drink alcohol if they do not wish to, and as a club we pride ourselves for respecting every individual's choice to do so. We also make sure sober socials are organised within teams to reassure this.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with any of our Social Secs: Jasmine Morris, Charlotte Burridge, Toby Fitter and Arvid Sabel or read more about them on our committee pages.

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At SUHC we make a real effort to support every team throughout the club so we always try to make sure there are people supporting and making noise on the side line for every home game whether people come down to Norton before or after their own matches or if teams don't have a game that week, we always encourage fansoccing. It always makes for a good afternoon, watching some good quality hockey and another opportunity to meet new people while you watch!


Thursday Club

Thursday Club is another great way to meet more members in the club, reminisce over Wednesday night and eat some good food with our 50% club discount at Revolution Sheffield. It's very chilled and many people pop in and out from uni throughout the day just to have a quick catch up and socialise.

Team Socials

As well as Wednesday match days we try to ensure we organise socials within our teams so that everyone feels welcomed and well-integrated into a close knit squad and hopefully a closer team means solid team work on the pitch. Throughout this year teams have done numerous nights in including film nights, making pizzas, arts & crafts and games nights.

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