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Preseason & Trials


Preseason this year will be held from the 4th-15th September (the two weeks before freshers week) for all potential 1XI-2XI hockey players. We hold a mixture of sessions ranging from skills training to fitness to socials to ensure we are back in routine and ready for the coming season. If you are planning on joining SUHC this September and consider yourself to have a good standard of hockey, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with our men's or women's 1XI captains, Tom Gore and millie Garwell, to find out more.

Tom Gore                                             


Millie Garwell

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Trials are when the majority of freshers try out for teams. You can sign up at the Students' Union Sports Fair on the 22nd September. Both men's and women's trials will take place on Sunday 24th September this year. On trials day you'll be met at your accommodation by members of committee to walk you down to the coach that will take you to our pitch at Norton Sports Park. Trials normally last for about 2 hours and then once you are dropped back at your accommodation, you will all be invited to our first social at Revolution Sheffield, just off West Street. Again, you will be met at your accommodation and walked down with members of committee to ensure no one gets lost. Here, you will meet the current members of the club, find out your hockey name, start socialising and see where the evening takes you.

If you do not make a team training squad straight away don't worry! We never turn anyone away and provide social hockey training to ensure we provide for all abilities. Everyone who is part of the club in any way is invited to every club social and we pride ourselves as a society who push for integration across all levels. We look forward to seeing you in September where we promise you'll meet some of your closest friends at uni!

If you have any questions about trials or team selection please contact either one of our Chairs of Selection.

Ethan Hadfield                     


Rachel Mckinlay


If you can't make trials but would still like to become part of SUHC, please email either of our Club Secretaries and they'll be more than happy to give you all the information you need to join!

Niall Devlin                       


Zoe Whitehead

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